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Lodge Mill Burnley Demolition

Lodge Mill Demolition Burnley

Burnley’s Lodge Mill, a witness to over a century of change, stood tall despite numerous challenges. The devastating fire of 1905, consuming the mill for two days, seemed like the end. Yet, it rose again, housing various businesses, with ET Riddiough weaving its story for decades. The sound of machinery and  trucks coming and going filled the air, a testament to the buildings industrial heart.

But time marched on, and change arrived once more. ET Riddiough, moved to a new destination and the mills purpose shifted, awaiting its next chapter.

Enter Hardcore Crushing, not to destroy, but to transform the plot of land. For a brief period the sound of demolition replaced the industrial hum but with a vital difference – the aim of sustainability.

Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the materials of Lodge Mill wouldn’t be lost. Over 97% of the building was recycled, given new life. Concrete slabs, foundations, and brickwork were turned into recycled aggregate, the foundation for future projects. Our stone yard, which is pretty close by minimised transportation, further reducing environmental impact.

This wasn’t just demolition; it was a transformation. Lodge Mill wouldn’t vanish but evolve. Its legacy wouldn’t be dust but a sustainable future. The story continues, waiting to be part of something new. This wasn’t the end but the beginning of a new chapter, a testament to progress and environmental responsibility. And in the heart of Burnley,  Lodge Mill prepares to retake flight towards a sustainable future.

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