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B&Q Lancaster Project

Demolition Lancaster

Hardcore Crushing Ltd: Leading Demolition Contractor Delivers Excellence

Hardcore Crushing Ltd, a reputed demolition contractor known for its precision and proficiency, recently completed another of its notable demolition projects for our esteemed Blue-Chip client, Aldi, in the historic town of Lancaster. This involved the meticulous dismantling of a former B&Q DIY unit, paving the way for constructing a high-quality, purpose-built Aldi Foodstore.

Upon its completion, this brand-new store is poised to provide employment opportunities for approximately 30 residents. The Lancaster community has warmly embraced this progressive development, as evidenced by the more than 50 letters of commendation and support sent to the council during the crucial planning phases.

Exemplary Demolition Services: Aldi Project Success in Historic Lancaster

Given Lancaster’s rich Roman heritage, there was an inherent potential of unearthing historical artefacts during our demolition services. Displaying the utmost care, our team meticulously removed ground floor slabs and deep foundations.

In collaboration with local archaeologists, we took every measure to safeguard any archaeological remnants, ensuring that no items of historical significance were inadvertently disturbed.
Situated amidst a diverse mix of residential, retail, and commercial properties, our client Aldi remains deeply committed to its commendable neighbour ethos.

Echoing this commitment, we structured our demolition services to minimise disruptions, maximising benefits in tandem. By leveraging specialised vibration monitoring equipment, we ensured minimal disturbances, particularly prioritising the comfort of adjacent residential neighbours.

We’re proud that this demolition project was executed seamlessly, adhering to the stipulated timeframes and budgetary constraints. The accolades we received for our considerate and timely approach are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in all our demolition services.

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