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Demolition contractors and regeneration working hand in hand

demolition contractors

As demolition contractors, we often work with urban regeneration organisations on projects in Lancashire. Regeneration has been an interesting topic for a number of years now as there are lots to discuss due to the opportunities for regeneration right across the county. Many Lancashire towns that are steeped in history are littered with volcanic mills and factories, many of which are derelict and deserted and in need of lots of work or in many cases demolishing to make way for newer, brighter buildings.

Improvement of public spaces

Regeneration usually brings a positive impact on the public, creates better surroundings and amenities. Things such as making cities more pedestrian-friendly or by simply making improvements to the local environment, health and wellbeing with new and brighter, more usable public spaces can often help increase the appeal of an area, attract new investment and in turn help to bring skilled workers or students as well as creating both social and economic benefits to a town or area.

Cutting back negative impacts

The dependency we have today on cars is a factor that many councils want to change throughout town and city centres. Many areas are incredibly congested and this brings a range of health risks resulting from pollution in the air. Lots of regeneration schemes are often focused on reducing or even cutting out the use of cars, for example, the ‘20 minute neighbourhood’ is an idea that you can get all of the daily goods and services within a 20 minute walk of your house and many regeneration projects are being designed around this concept.

demolition contractors

Maintaining social diversity

Significant improvements to property and buildings as well as the commercialisation of spaces in an area can often create gentrification and this is one of the downsides of urban regeneration, putting an area out the reach of a certain social group or even from the people that are from the area originally due to the massive improvement. A successful regeneration project should make improvements being affordable to existing residents while also attracting people from other areas.

Constructing for the future

Urban regeneration success should aim to solve existing problems while also provide solutions to help sustain communities for the long term future. Regenerating an area and a community can provide a healthy future, the future needs of any community are always going to different to what they are today so any regeneration project should have this in mind and should be designed accordingly while keeping in mind existing requirements and overcoming any challenges.

Adding value

Any successful urban regeneration scheme or project should try to add value in a range of ways, eco-construction should be considered where possible with a focus on rebuilding failing and broken economies. The right partnerships between demolition contractors and regeneration projects can bring together a development fit for future generations.

Demolition Contractors

About Hardcore Crushing – Demolition Contractors

Hardcore Crushing is a demolition contractors providing all aspects of demolition to a wide range of customers, many of which are involved with regeneration projects across Lancashire. We also recycle as much of any material we can salvage from each project as possible using our sister company Steptoes Yard. Our fully skilled and highly experienced team of demolition specialists are trained in all aspects and are continuously upskilling with the best and latest training available, our large fleet of demolition machinery is also upgraded on a regular basis meaning we have the most reliable and sophisticated machinery available, we have worked on projects both large and small and are ready to discuss your next demolition project with you.



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