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Affordable Crusher Hire

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Looking for an affordable crusher hire service and can`t figure out whats what?

The truth is that crushers can be both confusing and intimidating mainly because of the size of the machine but also because of the project in hand, also most people automatically get the notion that a machine that big and complex is out of their price range.

At Hardcore Crushing we have a wide variety of crushers available for hire, we can also include our experienced operators and technicians as part of the package if needed and can deliver crushers straight to your job using our transport services.

The benefits of our crusher hire services:

  • We have the right machine to suit your needs
    Whether you are involved in general demolition, site clearance, dismantling or just regular crushing, we`ve got the equipment for your project.
    Jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and scalpers are just some of the equipment we have in our arsenal and all of our machines come fully equipped with solutions for every challenge that you are likely to encounter.
  • Power
    One of the most fundamental things in a crusher is its ability to crush stone with ultimate power and turn it into rubble with ease. On most sites and quarries, you will find hard-stones that can only be mined, crushed and disposed by an extremely powerful machine. 
  • Agility and flexibility
    Our machines are built to work in some of the harshest and extreme environments. Our crushers make work as easy as possible, which is what is expected of a reliable machine
  • Customised Machines
    Our crushers are also fitted with unique features depending on the client’s request. We don’t really generalise our crushers, because we understand that each project will probably require a different set of tools, we are able to provide particular features on most machines, to suit a client`s specific needs.
    For instance, some of our crushers are connected with a direct water supply system which reduces the amount of dust emitted when crushing stone.
    Things to consider.
    1. Type of material you are crushing
    2. Location and space
    3. The required end product
    4. Desired volume of production.


Whether you want to turn huge stones into gravel, hard-core or complete rubble, no matter how big or small your project is, we’ve got you covered.

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