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We’ve been working in the demolition industry for many years now and throughout our team we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the demolition contractor services available, in fact this experience combined with our fleet of sophisticated demolition machinery means we are well versed in the field of demolition. From time to time as areas regenerate or businesses grow and improve their premises and facilities the requirement to demolish or refurbish a building may occur and Hardcore Crushing have undertaken demolition jobs from across a broad range of project types.

Why demolition contractor services?

Property owners are often faced with property problems such as weak foundations and rather than leaving it in a dangerous state or letting the property go to waste it can be demolished and replaced with a new one which can help increase its market value if the plan is to sell it, but demolition isn’t something that can be taken lightly and It is essential that a process is strictly adhered to in order to keep everyone safe and to make sure the land and area are kept in the correct condition.

Although demolishing a building may often look like a simple task, it really isn’t and there is a lot of work to be done and carried out before a brick is touched. Let’s have a look at 9 different demolition services.

1. Pre Demolition Requirements

The local authority will put together a number of specific pre-demolition requirements, things which will often include protecting the adjacent buildings, shoring, collapse or water damage, disposal of debris, and numerous safety measures.

2. Demolition Survey

A Demolition Survey is needed prior to any demolition and this will locate and describe all the exact area where the demolition is planned. A demolition survey should stop at nothing and should have access to all areas of a property that is to be demolished, including areas that are difficult to reach, this ensures that all areas of the building to be demolished are thoroughly inspected.

3. Soft Strip Demolition Contractor Services

Soft strip demolition service involves the removal of “soft” materials, wood, ceilings, such as drywall, carpets, door frames and doors, bathroom fixtures, tiles, and light fittings, etc.

A good example of soft Demolition Contractor Services is the strip-out of a commercial building to prepare for a renovation or repurposing project. One major challenge faced with old buildings is that some are plagued by faulty electronics, out of date policies, and dangerous fixtures

Demolition Contractor Services

4. Manual Demolition Contractor Services

This service is carried out to preserve other sections of a structure, maybe parts that the property owner doesn’t want to demolish or other nearby buildings. Manual demolition is also used in areas where standard demolition equipment may cause too much impact on the area, such as shock, too much noise and vibration. When manual demolition is done properly it will ensure a structure in a tight area or with other buildings attached is taken down efficiently while minimising any unnecessary destruction.

5. Selective Demolition

In many cases, a complete demolition of a building is not necessary and only sections of it will require demolition. This is when a very delicate demolition operation is required and is otherwise known as selective demolition.

6. Explosive Demolition

Explosive demolition contractor services are a cost-effective way of efficiently demolishing high-rise industrial structures and buildings. Before any demolition is done a number of surveys and procedures are necessary to ensure third-party safety and an engineer may use CAD to model the building or structure enabling them to see the collapse. Any areas or local properties that could be affected by the controlled demolition is also determined. 

7. Dismantling and Deconstruction

Buildings can be dismantled piece by piece or part by part  so that the dismantled materials can be salvaged and recycled for a price. In most cases elaborate safety measures are needed.

8. Asbestos Removal

Only asbestos removal specialists should remove and dispose of asbestos. Removal specialists will follow strict regulations to safely handle asbestos helping to best prevent asbestos exposure. Asbestos became popular in the UK following the industrial revolution and popularity peaked around the 50s and 70s as the public started to learn about the health hazards Asbestos posed. In 1985 the UK prevented some asbestos use, and by 1999 it was completely banned.

9. Demolition Machinery

There is a whole host of Demolition Contractor Services machinery available from excavators and bulldozers to high reach grab demolition machinery and an assortment of fittings and attachments to go with them, each designed to do a specific job or carry out a range of specific tasks to help make demolishing buildings easier and more straightforward.

demolition machinery fleet additions


To summarise, demolition is a complex operation and requires experience and skill, combined with the correct tools and machinery it also needs to comply with a number of policies and legislations provided by government or local council authorities but demolition is a way of preparing land for regeneration or a way of preparing existing buildings for improvement.


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