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Section 80 Demolition Notice

section 80 demolition notice

A section 80 demolition notice is a notice that is submitted to the local authority when there is intention to demolish the whole or part of a building.

A number of clients in the past have tripped themselves up regarding the confusion that can arise in respect of Planning Permission and Building Control Approval when you have demolition intended.

It often transpires that they have obtained planning permission to redevelop a site, which incorporates the demolition of old buildings or any demolition work at all, but they don’t realise that they will also need a Building Control Section 81 Approval from Building Control, as ‘Building Control’ is a totally separate department to ‘Planning Control’.

How long does it take?

Conversely, some clients understand that they need to submit a Section 80 ‘Demolition Notice’ to Building Control in order to obtain a Section 81 Approval from them, and they think that’s all they need to do and they don’t appreciate that they may also need Planning Permission in the form of a ‘Schedule 2 Part 11 Class B ’General Permitted Development Order’ for demolition, or a Full Planning Permission for the redevelopment of the site, which includes Demolition work and with at least 8-weeks required for a Planning Approval, and potentially up to 6-weeks to obtain a Section 81 Building Control Approval, this can cause a huge problem and put the immediate ‘brakes on’ site progress.

When to submit your section 80 demolition notice

Once the Planning Department has been appeased and Planning Permission is in place and still ‘current’ (the last 3 years from approval date), then any client needing to carry out demolition work will need to submit a Section 80 Demolition Notice to Building Control, and this is a service that Hardcore Crushing Ltd are ‘well-practiced’ at providing for our clients; large or small.

As described in our earlier section regarding ‘Planning & Building Control I’m sure you are aware, you can’t just demolish a building because you want to, the whole process of demolition has a large amount of legislation attached to it, things that need to be considered, and a number of legal steps to complete before you start.

Every single part of this legal process should be completed properly and one of the most important pieces of it is the submission of a Section 80 Demolition Notice Application.

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Why do we need a section 80 demolition notice?

The Section 80 Demolition Notice, is a key element of any demolition project and any individual or company that is planning any type of renovation project, that involves any demolition is required to have knowledge of this notice.

The Section 80 Demolition Notice was crafted as part of the 1984 Building Act and is often also known as a Notice of Intended Demolition if any demolition project involves the demolition of a whole building or even part of a building there is a legal obligation to inform the local councils and authorities of the project and intentions, without this notice the demolition can not be carried out.

How to submit your section 80 notice

You, your professional advisor, or your proposed demolition contractor can submit a Section 80 Demolition Notice, by sending your local council a completed written notice which should include all of the details of the building or structure that is to be demolished, along with a comprehensive outline of the planned work included in the project.

Occasionally you may also have to send a copy of your Section 80 Demolition Notice for approval by other parties that may be affected, such as the utility companies providing gas, water and electricity services to the building being demolished or running close to your proposed demolition works i.e. ‘National Grid’ the gas network supplier, or ‘Electricity North West’ for instance, the local or relevant electricity board, along with any other organisation that may be close to the building in either location or services provided.

What to do once or notice is submitted

Once submitted, you should then wait for the approval of your Section 80 Demolition Notice, as part of the building act.

In some cases, this could take up to six weeks and may delay the demolition project so this is always something to consider at the very start.

If six weeks pass and you haven’t had any response from the Local Authority regarding your Section 80 Notice, then your demolition can proceed.

Can my demolition contractor take care of this?

In most cases, a demolition project will be carried out by a professional demolition company such as Hardcore Crushing and in this case, this notice along with any other legislation will be taken care of by us, completing these legal documents can often be a time consuming and mind-numbing process, so it is better to speak with an expert.

Next we will take a look at the Section 81 Demolition Notice



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