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Pre-Demolition Preparation Works

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Following on from submission of the Section 80 Demolition Notice to the Local Building Control department, and receipt of their Section 81 counter-notice, which grants approval, we are ready to start with the pre-construction preparation works, which includes the following items:

If we are to be the Principal Contractor we will produce a Demolition Plan (Construction Phase Plan), which sets out details of the Key Contacts and stakeholders involved in the scheme along with details and description of the demolition works to be carried out. It will also provide details of the management team tasked with carrying out the works and their contact details.

Further details within the Demolition Plan will include details of site management arrangements, such as site meetings and safety information including Health & Safety goals and health monitoring methods, considerations for workers and the public, the Site rules ( e.g., emergency procedures and specific safety arrangements), details of proposed welfare facilities and for Site inductions, and then the Emergency arrangements, including first aid and fire safety procedures.

Preparation of a full Risk Assessment, which highlights the particular risks on a project, which need to be considered and controlled. The Risk Assessment provides details of who might be harmed and how, and what we will do to control the risks.
Key issues on a demolition scheme include…Falls from height; Injury from falling materials; Uncontrolled collapse of the structure; Risks from connected services (Gas, Water, Electricity); Traffic management; Hazardous materials; Noise and vibration; Fire.

Develop a Method Statement to control the aforementioned risks – This is the key document for controlling the Health & Safety on the project and setting out the manner in which we will approach the works and the resources that we will use to undertake the works.

Create a Demolition Programme, which will set out the timeline for the works. This is particularly important on larger more complex contracts where phased demolition may need to be carried out and where site restrictions may create obstacles, which need to be worked around etc. Some contracts such as the new NEC-style contracts are ‘Programme Dependant’ and therefore a detailed demolition programme is critical the manage the work progress and for logging ‘Early Warning Events’, where changes to the specification or delays caused by unforeseen events impact on progress, which needs to be details on the programme so that the overall effect can be identified and costs re-couped.

Mobilise a demolition labour team and check that their training certificates are up to date and correct for the scale and nature of the work involved. Also ensure that the plant resources required for the scheme are available and all have current test certificates in place.

Ensure that all Permits, Licences, and Permissions are in place, which will be required for the works such as Waste Carrier’s Licence, Crusher Permits, Recycling Permits etc.

Arrange Movement Orders and any access arrangements for the delivery of HGV machinery, which will need transporting to site.

Ensure that Security Fencing and any specific signage is ordered, and that the ‘Out-of-hours’ Security man-guarding is arranged and booked (if required)

The key document as mentioned above is the site specific Risk Assessment & Method Statement, which we combine into a single document to cover all the risks and the mitigating actions required to safely carry out the works. An example of one of our RAMS documents is available on the button below.

The other key document (especially on NEC contracts) is the Demolition Programme and an example of this is also available on the button below.



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