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Out With The Old and In With The New

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Demolishing a building is something that can be quite exciting. In some respects, it can be bittersweet, bidding goodbye to the old and the established in favour of the new and exciting. Such a translation is obviously bittersweet, but at the same time, progress must continue.

Old mills and buildings are all things which have been magnificently constructed, so to see them in a state of disrepair is, to be honest, fantastic in many ways. But, demolishing them has its own benefits and charms.

Renewal and Recycling

It would be wrong to assume that when we destroy and demolish an old building that all of the parts simply go to waste. No, we live in a much more progressive and resourceful society than that.

When you explore all of these different options, you are allowing yourself a chance to grow and develop things beyond what you thought initially possible. One of the good things about demolishing anything is that there is ample chance to take the rubble and recycle it into something new.

Recycling allows us to renew and regenerate things. To take older structures and incorporate them into new and dynamic buildings. We can take the remnants of a building and use it to create something brand-new in its place, something more fitted for the modern age. It lends itself well to a cycle of rebirth and renewal.

demolition and regeneration

Demolition brings new prospects

Of course, you’ve also got aspects of demolition which contribute more to giving people the best possible options in regard to new prospects.

Being able to take something and turn it into an art form is definitely a very compelling and fun thing to do. It’s easy to get different options when it comes to build new, modern structures which fulfill vital purposes within our society.

An old mill or building may well be the site of a new community centre, or a hospital, or a vet practice. The options are limitless because that’s how the premise was designed to be.

Being able to create something which fulfills a vital role now is something which nods back to the past as well. Once upon a time, a mill served a vital purpose. An old hospital building or an old public service helped people. Now there’s a new and exciting lease on life involved.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of interesting options here which make this a highly enjoyable and easy to work with concept. There’s a lot of ways that you can enjoy growth and development while still being able to demolish and rebuild. Demolition can be seen as tearing down the past, but if you rebuild it in such a way that it honours the times that came before it, you’re paying homage while modernising, and that is a fantastic notion. It means that the old can service the new, without having to worry about whether or not it works.

demolition and regeneration



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