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Kleeman Mobicat MC110i joins the fleet

Kleeman Mobicat MC110i

Kleeman Mobicat MC110i joins the fleet

Hardcore Crushing Ltd are thrilled to take delivery of a brand-spanking-new Kleeman Mobicat MC110i EVO ‘Mobile Jaw Crusher’, the latest generation of primary crushers for the processing and recycling of all our ‘hard-waste’ materials generated by our demolition activities.

Despite weighing-in at over 45 tonnes, this new generation crusher is compact and easy to move. The transport height of 3.40 m allows the use of semi low-loaders which, has a positive impact on transport

costs. It is fast to set-up, which can be carried out remotely and this easy transport & quick set up enables short-term applications, so the machine can be deployed on short-term demolition contracts where the ‘hard-waste’ such as concrete, brick, block, tarmac and general hardcore might ordinarily be ‘thrown away’ to landfill, we can now recycle and re-use ever smaller quantities of materials.

This new master-recycler is efficient and intelligent, with a high degree of safety features. The design of the vibrating feeder has been revised and ensures an even better material flow and increased feed capacity. It has an independently vibrating ‘double-deck pre-screen’, which means that the material being loaded into the crusher hopper is then ‘screened out’ effectively so that the fines content and the material that already corresponds to the desired final grain size is directed past the crushing chamber. This means that a higher throughput is achieved, and at the same time, plant wear is reduced. The attached ‘cut-through’ section diagram shows the crusher in operation.

The EVO2 crusher stands out with its holistic drive concept with an efficient diesel-direct drive where the crusher is driven via a fluid coupling from the diesel engine. The power-and-load-dependent fan ensures a low-noise and even more economical operation. Via a power splitter gearbox, the generator is driven by a generously dimensioned cardan shaft, which means that the more maintenance-intensive timing belts of the predecessor model are not required. The drive system pumps are activated via a clutch coupling and can therefore draw on the full power of the diesel engine. All other hydraulic pumps

for auxiliary and set-up functions and for the cooler drive are also driven via the gearbox.

All machine components are especially easy to access to guarantee trouble-free production, simple operation and fast service. A central drain point for fluids, for example, enables ergonomic maintenance. Spray systems at different transfer points, as well as LED lighting for illuminating the work area, are included as standard in the basic configuration of the plant. The EVO2 is also ideally equipped in terms of safety features. All function and safety-related cylinders are equipped with safety valves (lowering/brake holding valves). Each cylinder stays in its current position to protect the machine operator and machine in the event of deactivation or failure. Thanks to plant operation via the radio remote control and therefore from a safe distance, safety on the construction site is also increased.

This is a great piece of machinery to add to our demolition/recycling fleet and it joins our two existing Kleeman crushers, which increases our recycling capacity and ensures that going forward, the demolition works that we undertake are even more sustainable as more and more waste material is diverted from landfill and recycled unto re-usable product.

Kleeman Mobicat MC110i
Kleeman Mobicat MC110i



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