Hardcore Crushing recognised as a top subcontractor by JN Bentley


Hardcore Crushing were recently awarded a ‘top sub-contractor’ award by JN Bentley Ltd earlier this year. We have worked with JN Bentley now for some considerable time and the Subcontractor Performance Award score of 1.66 signals outstanding performance, and ranks us among the top 25% of all JN Bentley subcontractors for the year.

Each year, JN Bentley review the performance of their subcontractors and these awards recognise the efforts of those who have scored highly. Hardcore Crushing contracts manager, John Taylor said: “We are absolutely delighted to be on JN Bentley’s top subcontractors list, this shows that our hard work and commitment throughout the year have been productive. Our goal now is to continuously improve our performance year on year while strengthening our relationship with JN Bentley again.”

JNB 2014 Sub-Contractor Top 25% Award


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