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Demolition Company Hardcore Crushing adds new Machinery

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New CAT excavators rolling in at Hardcore Crushing and Steptoes Yard.

We have recently invested in two brand new, latest generation 22-tonne Caterpillar excavators to add to our demolition fleet.

These 320 HSR machines raise the bar for efficiency and fuel economy in this size class and will help Hardcore Crushing lower fuel and maintenance costs, increase operating efficiency on our demolition projects and the all-new cab design helps improve operator comfort.

These machines have been fitted with the latest Lehnhoff quick-coupler oil system, which allows the operator to swap and change specialist attachments and buckets without leaving the cab. In doing so this makes the whole dismantling and demolition process far more efficient as the operator can quickly change between steel shear; concrete processor; material grab, or ordinary buckets, saving time and making the changing of attachments super-safe.

New demolition machinery providing fuel savings of up to 25%.

The efficiency of these new machines delivers fuel savings of up to 25 percent, and the new Smart Mode operation can automatically match both engine and hydraulic power to suit its surrounding conditions; optimising both performance and fuel consumption.

The excavators can also automatically lower their engine speed when there is no hydraulic demand reducing fuel usage even further, all of which helps reduce overall costs and adds to the overall sustainability of our demolition schemes.

demolition machinery

The new CAT cabs are designed to help improve demolition operator performance and efficiency.

The cabs are equipped with features such as keyless push-button start, large 203mm touchscreen monitors with jog dial keys for control and sound-suppressed rollover protective structures (ROPS) providing our drivers with a new level of safety, comfort and quiet operation.

The programmable joystick buttons allow for better response and with advanced viscous mounts cab vibration is reduced by around 50 percent over the previous models of CAT excavators helping to reduce operator fatigue, and an automatic climate control system keeps the internal cab temperature at a required level regardless of external ambient temperatures.

Specialist demolition attachments.

Our demolition excavators are all equipped with specialist attachments such as ‘selector grabs’,  steel shears; concrete processors, and hydraulic breakers, like the examples shown below:

demolition machinery attachments

These specialist attachments allow us to dismantle buildings in a controlled manner, whether it be concrete steel or general lightweight building fabric we have the equipment to separate the materials into the different waste streams and cut/break the different structural elements apart. 

Having the Lehnhoff quick-coupler oil system allow us to quickly change between attachment so if we’re working our way through a structure and we come across a steel beam in the way we can simply put the selector grab down and pick up the steel shear; cut the beam out of the way and then pick up the grab again to continue with handling the materials and stockpiling into the different waste types. 

Similarly, if we come across some concrete we can easily pick up a hydraulic breaker and quickly deal with the concrete before returning to the selector garb attachment.

Hassle-free and much more productive.

Previously, in the ‘bad old days’ the operator would need to physically get out of the cab and un-couple the hydraulic oil pipes, then knock the two large pins out which held the attachment onto the arm of the machine, then get back into the machine and move the arm over to the new attachment and line it up, then get out of the cab and knock the pins back into the new attachment (or back in the cab again to adjust alignment), then connect the oil hoses before getting back in the cab to pick up the attachment and start using it… what a drama!.

Now with the Lehnhoff quick oil coupler and the fully automatic ‘quick hitches’, the operator; from the comfort of his cab can simple put an attachment down and pick another up and immediately start using it. 

This can save the operator hours of time over the space of a week, and literally days of time over a large contract.

Always improving our demolition fleet.

At Hardcore Crushing we are constantly upgrading and improving our fleet of demolition machinery. We want to be at the top of our game and with our highly skilled team of demolition operatives and a sophisticated fleet of demolition machinery we are capable of tackling the full range of demolition projects from small to large.

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