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former Renault showroom and garage

DEMOLITION completed ahead of schedule and on budget

Lidl have been heard to say “We want to double our portfolio and continue our growth across the UK…” and this phenomenal growth has led to a Tsunami of construction work, which we are proud to have been a small part of. Following our successful completion of a major demolition for Lidl in Golborne back in 2018/19 we have been delighted to carry out a further two demolition schemes for Lidl; one involving the demolition of a large public house in Reddish, Stockport which featured earlier on our website, and this scheme feature in the attached video footage.

The demolition of the former Renault showroom and garage was carried out like a military operation and we successfully completed the scheme well ahead of schedule and on budget; once again providing the client with surety of service and working with Lidl as one of their business partners in a sustainable relationship, and helping Lidl in their mission to contribute positively to local communities.

Lidl Demolition Project
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lidl demolition


Sustainability lies at the heart of Lidl’s company values in respect of supplying quality produce to their customers, and to add to this sustainability, right at the birth of a new Lidl store we like to think that our demolition processes are adding to the overall sustainability as we aim to recycle 98% of all materials generated from the demolition and site clearance activities. On this particular project whilst nearly 1,000 tonnes of material was generated, only 12.6 tonnes went off site as “waste”, and even this material was filtered through a recycling yard to ‘strip-out’ any usable and recyclable material, which undoubtedly meant that less than 1% of demolition material ended up in landfill.

Lidl are passionate about sourcing their products locally wherever possible, and more than two thirds of their products are sourced from British suppliers. We are happy to say that Lidl’s sourcing strategy also starts with their appointment of local construction contractors, which further adds to their companies overall sustainability strategy, and by employing local contractors such as ourselves, the money that Lidl pay us to demolish the stores is partially transferred in wages to our operatives on site who often live locally to these new stores, and who will ultimately spend some of that money back in the new Lidl store, so it’s a great business strategy.

As this article is published we are currently tendering for another large demolition scheme locally for Lidl, which we will be trying very hard to secure and to continue our journey helping Lidl press forward with it’s UK investment.